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When it’s about hiring an attorney, then you undeniably prefer to choose a trusted professional for achieving the desired outcome. Our Firm provides you with exceptional services of all our best solicitors possessing a wealth of knowledge and ample experience in this field. Yes, from start to finish, we will assist you to bring out an optimal result.Since the experts of our firm have been practicing for years, thus, we understand the law very well. This is something that allows us to handle the case efficiently and offer a positive result.

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Family Law

It includes safeguard your interests, maintain your financial security, Preserve your parental rights, ensure a positive outcome.


Help adjusting your status to LPR, Prevent you from being deported or removed, Help bring your family from abroad and win your asylum claim.

Personal Injury

We will represent you in drunk driver accident, car, motorcycle accident, slip and fall and wrongful deaths.


As you embark on your family law case, you experience a variety of emotions and challenges. Attorney Milien is here to assist, guide, and empathize with you whether you’re dealing with any of the following situations:

Divorce | Paternity | Parenting plan | Post-judgment matter | Mediation | Domestic violence | Relative custody | Child support | Relative adoption

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to your problems and create a strong plan of action. Our team is dedicating to make each and every client’s experience stress free. Attorney Milien is an expert in making her client feel comfortable and relief. Once we take your case, she’ll work diligently to secure the best possible outcome.

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Benjamin Richardson​​

Attorney Millien helped my family and me in last and this week. She achieved a swift custody and support result. All this using her knowledge of the law, common sense, and professionalism. She was courteous and responsive to all of our questions. She settled this early to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Attorney Erna Milien.

Are You Stressing Over Family Disputes?

Are you being threatened or afraid to leave the marital home fearing being labeled with abandonment?

Are you afraid your partner will keep your child(ren) away from you?

Are you being physically abused and wish to have a protection order?

Are you having difficulty navigating the divorce process and/or custody battle?

Are you looking for a compassionate and fierce advocate/attorney who can fight for you?

Contact our office to have a consultation with our experience and fearless attorney. At Milien Law Practice, you get to work with an attorney who can relate to your struggle, understand and respect your decision and wishes.

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